Jumpsuits are great, if you’re not desperate for the toilet and you don’t plan on sitting for an entire day. If you wear jumpsuits as much as I do you will know that often getting in and out of them in public bathrooms isn’t very glamorous and neither is how tight they around your hips get when you manage to sit down, or worse try tie your shoelace.

Last week I took a gamble on a pair of Dungarees from Mr Price and I’m glad to say it paid off. The dungarees are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever bought and even better the were only R150.Anna-Belle Mulder (2 of 8)50's Inspired Dungarees  (2 of 7)I paired them with a couple of other items from Mr Price (just by chance), some old and some new. The black crop top is a staple at Mr Price and has been for the past few years so I’m sure you will be able to pick it up without much hassle at any store, if you’re interested in channelling your inner Spice Girl you can get the platforms here.Anna-Belle Mulder (1 of 8) Anna-Belle Mulder (4 of 8)I’m always inspired a little by the 50s which comes out pretty strongly with this ensemble but I think the dungarees are pretty versatile and will go well with any style.Anna-Belle Mulder (5 of 8) Anna-Belle Mulder (6 of 8) 50's Inspired Dungarees  (4 of 7) 50's Inspired Dungarees  (7 of 7) Anna-Belle Mulder (4 of 8) Mr Price Dungarees (2 of 5) Anna-Belle Mulder (7 of 8) Anna-Belle Mulder (8 of 8)Thanks Angie for helping me take these pics in-between our Jobest Takeover with Lucy Sarah.50's Inspired Dungarees  (1 of 7) Mr Price Dungarees (5 of 5)