I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for about an hour trying to write this post about Bad Peter. I’ve been typing and just as fast deleting almost every single sentence I’ve written, I’ve even faked going to the toilet about three times justt because I can’t seem to put into words just what I want to say. So I’ve decided that Bad Peter isn’t a band I can describe, they are more of a feeling that you need to experience for yourself.Bad Peter-6 Bad Peter-4Before I’d met Alwyn and PG, I’d only heard two of their songs and seen a blurry picture of them through a quick Google search, but I figured if they were as rad as their music we would get along just fine.

You can listen to their single – Month of May here. I’ve listened to it quite a few time and probably won’t stop for a while.She Said Blog-17 She Said Blog-18The pair were taught guitar by the same teacher (at different times), and they go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Their music is a refreshing blend of country, folk and blues, but if you ask me they lean more towards the blues side of the spectrum and take me back to my varsity days when I would sit around and listen to riffty blues music when I was supposed to be in class. Besides being truly talented musicians Alwyn and PG are really rad people with some pretty funny stories to share, if you see them at one of their gigs definitely say hi.Bad Peter-5 Bad Peter-7 Bad PeterWe hung out for a little bit to take some photos and they didn’t stop playing once, I wish all my shoots had beautiful music to accompany them! This is the first shoot I did on my new 6D so it was quite fun to try out some new techniques. I battled with the winter sun as the light changed drastically just about every few minutes, but I’m really happy with how the images turned out.

To follow them and to check out when and where they will be performing next check out their Facebook Page.

She Said Blog-16 Bad Peter-10 Bad Peter-9 She Said Blog-13 She Said Blog-5 She Said Blog-9 She Said Blog-10 She Said Blog-8 She Said Blog-7 Bad Peter-11 Bad Peter-12We were originally going to shoot in another space but a couple of smug security guards kicked us out for being too flipping awesome (I’m guessing) I did however manage to get one snap in the space so here it is for good measure. She Said Blog