The first thing I noticed when I walked into Community Centre, the latest addition to Joburg’s budding co-working scene was the plants. Community Centre is littered with hanging plants, big plants, small plants and a whole host of very happy looking cacti and let’s be honest who can’t help but feel happy around plants?

Community Centre was started a couple of months ago by a returning local Mia Da Camara, Mia aside from being one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met is really invested in helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and local creative communities. If you fall into either of these groups you’ll know just how hard it is to actually find a space like this that’s not your own house or a coffee shop.

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Community Centre is in the same location as the old Warm & Glad, if you’re not familiar with Warm & Glad it’s in  Craighall Park, along Jan Smuts. Warm & Glad has moved downstairs making it easy to order up food if you’re feeling hungry, however, Community Centre does have a pretty mean looking coffee machine that’s kept warm to keep you fueled up all day. I loved working from Community Centre, the whole space is open plan so you don’t feel alone but it’s not load or crazy so you can still get your work done and have a friendly face to look at every now and then.

Community Centre rates start from R30 an hour, which includes your seat and wifi…it’s cheaper than your average cappuccino let’s be honest and you don’t have to content with waiters giving you death stares for ‘filling up space’ . The most expensive package is R2500 for a monthly package which includes unlimited access to the space, I think it’s pretty damn reasonable! The co-working space also has a small boardroom that can fit about eight people and can be rented out from as little as R150 an hour. For the full list of rates and membership options click here.

As I mentioned Mia is also really committed to helping the creative community in Johannesburg and hosts really awesome workshops on a regular basis. I really love it when businesses and communities make such an effort to help grow and support industries and individuals. No one knows just how hard it is starting something or being in the creative industry unless you’re in it, RIGHT? Some past events include how to make money from your camera and Creative mornings. To keep up to date with what’s happening when you can follow Community Centre on Instagram or check out their events calendar here.

Contact:+27 11 781 0455

Address: 1st Floor, Albans Square, 357 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park