I’ve always been a fan of Margot Molyneux…as a person and a designer.  Her designs are always timeless and I’ve never seen one of her pieces look bad on any women, and now you can enjoy her designs in your sleep with her new range of sleepwear.

The entire collection is black and milk white,emphasising the duo’s ability to be both strong and soft in appearance. The collection is also made from natural fibres, so no weird silky PJs here!  I love how ‘cottony’ and the comfy the range looks I can definitely see myself hanging around in a pair of them on a lazy Saturday morning I particularly light the Nightie.

Shop the full collection and support local design here. Or if you’re in JHB you can find the pieces at Joy in the Bamboo Shopping Centre .

Margot Molyneux Sleepwear 5 Margot Molyneux Sleepwear 3 Margot Molyneux Sleepwear 4 Margot Molyneux Sleepwear 2