It’s official been 11 days since I married the one and only Craigy Craig Durrant. If you’ve been following  #MeetTheDurrants I’m sure you would have seen loads of pictures but I’ve been saving our official ones until Craig and I could stop drooling over them.

#MeetTheDurrants (52 of 90)#MeetTheDurrants (51 of 90)When we were planning our wedding we knew that we really REALLY didn’t want your average wedding photos. My mission was to get one amazing photo that captured the day and I would be happier than a pig in poop.

#MeetTheDurrants (56 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (66 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (67 of 90)We asked our talented friend Hanro Havenga to capture the day in a way that only he would. Hanro doesn’t usually do weddings ( you can check out his amazing photographic series here), so we knew he would look at things really differently.

#MeetTheDurrants (57 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (58 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (65 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (69 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (70 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (71 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (75 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (74 of 90)I’ve still got loads of photos to share with you of the wedding, the dress, and how it all came together with the help of the best wedding planner in Joburg: Rebecca from Runaway Romance!

Here’s a tiny sneak peak! #MeetTheDurrants (21 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (23 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (25 of 90) The Perfect Joburg Wedding (50 of 50)If you missed my engagement story check it out here.

#MeetTheDurrants (63 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (62 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (61 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (68 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (60 of 90) #MeetTheDurrants (59 of 90)