I’m not quite sure where my Asian influence in my food came from, but it’s definitely there. Most dishes I make at home include Asian flavours and inspiration, so when a new Asian restaurant pops up in Joburg best believe I’m going to be there stuffing fistfuls of rice into my mouth. Craig and I discovered Momo Baohaus on lazy Saturday evening when we were too lazy to cook and definitely to lazy to head out so we ordered from Uber Eats for the first time and Momo just happened to have the most appetising pictures in their menu…thank goodness their food matched the images!

Last week we decided to leave the comfort of our apartment and actually head to the restaurant itself and I can honestly say I was blown away. I’ve been dreaming of running away with their fish tacos ever since trying them and I’m pretty sure I’m in a deep rooted emotional relationship with their Bao. Momo Baoahaus was started by two brothers who had a love for delicious food and not that much experience in the restaurant industry, but I think it’s worked out pretty well for them!

The decor is clean, simple and interesting and I love that the whole space hasn’t been overdone but you can feel a lot of thought has been put into it.

One of the many great things about Momo is that all their bowls can be turned into Vegan dishes and the meat in their bowls plays second fiddle to their fresh vegetables and great bases (rice/noodles etc). The menu is split into three categories Tappas, Baos, and Bowls with a whole suite of different flavours in each. Their bowls range from the flavours of Bangkok to Tokyo and Szechuan. When we went to the store I tried the Szechuan Beef (R72), I’d never had it before and really enjoyed the mixture of flavours and the way Momo mixed hot and cold ingredients in the bowl. I’ve also tried the Coconut Prawn Fried Rice (R95) and The Bangkok Tofu (R72) dishes but don’t ask me which one I prefer!

I’m rather impressed that I was able to eat more than just half a bowl (that’s when you know the food is good) and we also tried the Salmon Ceviche Tacos (R58), it would be a sin if you didn’t order these, the Fire Cracker Prawns (R78) some incredible sushi, Korean Fried Chicken Wings (R52) and of course the Lucky Bao (R76) which is made up of Cantonese style sweet and smokey brisket and a whole host of delicious sauces. The Bao come in twos and are pretty big, you could probably eat one order as a meal if you’re not too hungry.

I really loved my visit to Momo Baohaus and I really think it’s tied for first place (with Pron) as one of my favourite Asian restaurants in Joburg. If you’re heading through it’s definitely worth booking as it can get pretty busy!

Address: 139 Greenway, Randburg, 2034

Contact: 010 900 4889