First things first. It’s pronounced ‘Poh-keh’, and what exactly is Poke you ask? Well, I’ve touched on it a couple times before but Poke, other than being that thing you used to do the the person you liked on Facebook is a Hawaiian dish made of raw fish, rice and some vegetables. If Sushi was a salad it would be Poke.

Cape Town has been a little ahead of Joburg when it comes to introducing Poke and I’m constantly drooling over my friends Instagram Posts when they visit Hokey Poke. A couple of restaurants around town have started offering Poke Bowls on the menu most notably Momo Soko and La Boqueria but ONO (Hawaiian for Freshness)  is truly Joburg’s first standalone Poke Bar and I’m super amped about it.

ONO Eatery is open for Breakfast, Lunch and early Dinners, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything unhealthy on the menu which to be honest is a God send, we’re sorely lacking healthy spots to eat at that aren’t big chain restaurants at the moment. ONO is definitely an in and out kinda place, while they have tables to sit at it’s not the place you would spend ours at, although the wing chairs that line the front of the store are pretty fun to play on. I love the glass front of the store and I can only imagine how beautiful it’s going to be in summer.

While Breakfasts range from Chia Oats to Protein Chocolate Smoothie Bowls the Poke is obviously the main attraction.  When you visit ONO Eatery in Illovo you will be able to choose from building your own bowl or picking a bowl of the house Poke. My lovely friend Lucy joined me for lunch and we opted for both options. Lucy had the California Salmon Shoyo, which consisted of Seasonal Salsa, Spring Onions, Edamame Beans, Avo and Classic California Dressing.

I went for the Custom Poke bowl and filled mine with Salmon….and then literally every vegetable on offer heheh! I’m presuming the finishings change from time to time but the toppings consist of Salmon, Tuna, Prawn, Chicken or a Vegan option. Just a side note if you go to a Poke bar and have chicken I will find you and I will slap you. The bases are also standard and you can choose from Black Rice, Brown Rice, Sushi Rice and Raw Slaw.

The Poke bowls come in two sizes M – R85 and L- R115

Please please suggest any healthy restaurants in Joburg in the comments section below. I beg of you!!

Address: 1 Corlette Drive Illovo (near Parea)

Contact:  073 506 3207