Okay, so Angie and Shane have been married for eight years now, but I love their wedding pictures and their beautiful faces so much I thought it would be awesome to share their wedding pictures with all of you.

Shangie had Ross Garrett, one of my favourite photographers shoot their lovely day and no one could have captured it better.

angie-and-shane-durrant angie-and-shane-durrant-1 angie-and-shane-durrant-16 angie-and-shane-durrant-14 angie-and-shane-durrant-10 angie-and-shane-durrant-15 angie-and-shane-durrant-13 angie-and-shane-durrant-9 angie-and-shane-durrant-2 angie-and-shane-durrant-4 angie-and-shane-durrant-3 angie-and-shane-durrant-6 angie-and-shane-durrant-12