A few months ago I realised I was doing a super poor job of showcasing South African Designers. Almost all of my style posts featured brands from around the world, which don’t get me wrong are great but from now on I’ve promised myself…and you guys that I’ll feature at least one South African designer a month. Starting with Sitting Pretty!

Sitting Pretty is designed and made in Cape Town, Sitting Pretty’s entire brand is based on environmental awareness, ethical trading and they are fully committed to sourcing natural and environmental fibres. 2017 has been a year of a big awakening for me with regard to conscious living and the impact I have on the rest of the world. I’m still learning about mindfulness when it comes to fashion but it’s awesome to hear how many local brands are committed to sustainable business models.

Most of Sitting Pretty’s clothes are super relaxed and they all have a little bit of boho in them. My favourite piece from their new collection is the Anne Rope Jumpsuit. It’s made from Linen so it’s perfect for summer but the back is the show stopper. It’s so so incredibly beautiful and flattering, I can just imagine myself running around a tropical island wearing it. The ropes are also adjustable so you can wear the suit as high/low or tight/loose as you like. IT also doesn’t do that classic jumpsuit thing where they end up giving you a wedgie!  Just remember if you buy the jumpsuit you have to wash it by hand.

Some other favorites from their store are their Immigrant tees and the Billie open back dress! To check out their full store click here.

What other local brands should I check out? I’d love LOVE your suggestions! Pics my my love Craigy!

Jumpsuit: Sitting Pretty

Shoes: Saltwater Sandals 

Scarf: Zara

Bag: Toast &co 

Earrings: Lovisa