If Lebo was a character from Grease he would be Danny…he even has the leather jacket to fit the part. Meet @lebolukewarm by far one of South Africa’s coolest Instagrammers.

1. What is your handle?


2. What do you do when you’re not Instagramming?

-I’m busy finding more things to Instagram, but for the most part I’m taking selfies and making music.

3. How did you discover Instagram?

Damn, I think it was when I saw a friend take a picture of their lunch and I was like; I need to get an iPhone for this very reason!

4. Who are some of your favourite SA Instagrammers?

– I don’t have any they all suck, kidding! @lulamawolf, @zenocide, @shesaidsa, @alessiolr, @ghostwitness, @alexioso and @btherad to name a few, oh and @hairyknees when he does decide to post!

5. Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to master the platform?

Consistency is key, always post good quality pics and tell a story of you have one, if not…try be unique.

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Friday Sunrise 🚣 in Srinigar #travel #tgif #india

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6. Do you have a particular photographic style?

I love portraits, but I just recently fell in love with landscapes, I don’t think I have a particular style now.. All my ages are average.

7. Where is your favourite place to take pictures in Johannesburg?

I don’t really have one, I guess I just love taking pics with my friends from the @igerssouthafrica community, wherever the pictures take us really!

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It is so difficult to get wifi this side it's crazy!! But the sites are so unbelievable.. The roads are long, high and wind all over the place.. People drive like they are late and hooting is a courteous thing (it apparently notifies the person in front that you are now here and are over taking..) I love travelling, it is nearly impossible for me to keep posting cause we never have signal.. Right now I'm sitting with @mayur_malusare and @jasmeetsingh139 in the manager's office, cause we told him we needed to contact our loved ones.. To see some of our travels check out the following hashtags: #instameetladakh #ig_ladakh14 Traveling with: @jasmeetsingh139 @kooljatt @dakumar @rujulbhatt @amitpanchasara @mayur_malusare @rupspanchasara @j_s_k_ #leboluketravels

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Before the powers that be take away this beloved wifi,(the manager kicks us out of his office) I thought I should just leave you with this last image, I'm traveling and can never be sure of when I'll be online next.. Till then please be safe and love one another, oh yes don't forget to stay fresh and so clean… However before I go, I should let you know, in case you did not know (like I didn't when I got here) this is how you shower, with a bucket and you scoop the water out with a smaller jug to pour it all over yourself, the houses in India are fitted with a shower head, but not the conventional four walled shower as we know it.. So the water splashes everywhere in the bathroom and yes, I mean EVERYWHERE!!. Then after you're done you take a squeegee looking like device and clean the floor.. This guy kinda reminded me of kwa makhulu (my grand mother's place) pre 94' To see some of our travels check out the following hashtags: #instameetladakh #ig_ladakh14 Traveling with: @jasmeetsingh139 @kooljatt @dakumar @rujulbhatt @amitpanchasara @mayur_malusare @rupspanchasara @j_s_k_ #leboluketravels

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