Okay, so you’re thinking ‘Stop with the click bait Anna-Belle!’. Well, for once I’ve actually started using a product that does all of the above, simply and easily. For the past year or so I’ve been making a conscious effort to be conscious, you won’t find me picketing outside the UN, but it’s been an incredible journey to become aware of what I’m putting into my body and putting back out into the world.

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet this month you’ll know that July is ‘plastic-free month’. In essence, the movement is aimed at raising awareness about single-use plastic. Once you start thinking about how much you use it get’s pretty crazy. ANYWAYS, it’s a pretty awesome coincidence that I chose this month to tell you a little more about KURO-Bō and how I’ve literally started taking it everywhere with me.

So What Is KURO-Bō and how does it work? 

In essence, it’s a glass bottle with a few pieces of activated charcoal in it. What does this mean for you (besides an awesome conversation starter ‘Are those rocks in your water?’)?

The activated Charcol acts as a natural, affordable and eco-friendly filter to make sure you’re always able to enjoy great tasting, purified water. This means it works just the same for you if you’re living in a city or if you’re in a rural area. I’ve been using my KURO-Bō for about a month and I can taste the difference in my water, for reals!

If you want to get into the science of it all you can read more about it here but in essence, the magical little Koins attract positively-charged toxins and metals (like chlorine, lead and mercury) and attach those toxins to itself on a microscopic level, removing them from the water.

Why Should You Care? 

It really is eco-friendly and healthier for you, what’s more, it requires almost no effort from your side you just have to drink water! The glass used to make KURO-Bō is made from recycled glass, even their ‘plastic’ packaging is made from recyclable cornstarch. The filters are also the only 100% natural, recyclable and plastic-free water filter in SA!

Okay No, Seriously How Does It Work?

When I first cracked open my KURO-Bō I couldn’t really grasp that I was going to have charcoal floating around in my water, but it really is that simple, I promise! Here’s a video see?

Want One Of Your Own?

I’ve partnered with my buddies at Wellness Warehouse and KURO-Bō to help you live a healthier lifestyle. You can win a KURO-Bō of your own and a R500 Wellness Warehouse voucher.

To enter:

  1. Just comment in the comments section below OR on Facebook Page. Tell me how you’ve started living a more conscious life (no matter how big or small the change) and you could win.
  2. Follow Wellness Warehouse and  KURO-Bō 
  3. Don’t forget to smile!

I’ll announce the winner on Monday July 2, 2018.


UPDATE: congratulations Janisha Hari! You’re the winner. Thanks to everyone who entered you’re all AMAZING. Here’s what she had to say:
🌱 My home cleaning products are chemical-free and toxic-free.
🌱 My body and beauty products are cruelty-free and chemical-free.
🌱 I follow a plant based healthy diet, and choose local, organic and package-free produce whenever possible.
🌱 I refuse single-use plastic.