Well hello there. Remember me? Please say you remember me!

I’ve been pretty MIA this year but for a very good reason. I’ve been figuring my life out a little, and slowly but surely I think I’m getting there, I’ll definitely be sharing a little bit of my super personal journey with you guys really soon. But, for now, let’s have some fun!

I’ve been spending a whole lot of time in Cape Town recently, and with Cape Town comes my lovely friend Melissa from The Truffle Journal. If you haven’t checked her blog/her cookbook out I suggest you do it right flipping now. Whenever we’re together we’re always on the search for the perfect day out, and I’m really proud to say that I think we’ve cracked it. Here goes nothing!

1. Grab Breakfast at The Oranjezicht City Farm Market

If you have yet to experience the Oranjezicht City Farm Market that takes place every Saturday in Granger Bay…well you’re in for a treat. Think more types of Plant-Based Cupcakes than you can ever imagine, freshly prepared food hot of the press, crates and crates of organic veggies and a fresh sea breeze. Get there early to beat the crowds and get the best of what the stands have on sale. My go-to breakfast is pretty much always a bagel from Kleinsky’s and Mel always goes for the French Crepes which she swears by!

2. Relax into it at Jiva Spa at The Taj 

If you think you know what a good massage is. Think again…and then think again. I’m a huge fan of massages, but I’m really particular about them. I need them to be hard enough to work my knots, but soft enough to make me feel asleep, YES I know I’m complicated okay. The massages at Jiva Spa at the Taj in Cape Town ticks these boxes and more. It’s a five-star experience through and through with its inspiration stemming from Eastern wellness philosophies, the spa takes a holistic approach to relaxation, it’s all about your mind and your body.

What we love about the spa is that you can ease back into your day, once you’re done with your treatment you can hang out in the super calming relaxation room, drink Chai and snack on fresh fruit platters. Seriously what could be better than hanging out in cotton robes drinking tea with one of your best friends?

3. Take a Hike

For someone who loves hiking, I’ve only ever been on one hike in Cape Town…it probably has something to do with my love for getting massages at the Taj. If you’re pushed for time but still want to take in ‘the mountain’ your best bet is to go up in the cable car and take a stroll along the top of Table Mountain. You only really grasp how big it is once you’re on top of it, plus nothing beats a bird’s eye view of the city. Don’t forget to pack sunblock, water and snacks!

4. Find Your Mojo back with Lunch at Mojo Market

The Mojo Market in Sea Point is like the promised land. All the food from the restaurants you love and then some. Mojo Market is open seven days a week, it has a fully stocked bar and 25 food vendors making everything from Ice Cream to plates of fresh Oysters. By far our favourite spot is Hokey Poke – I’m not entirely sure what’s in their sauces but I will never eat enough of it.

5. Come back to centre with Yoga at Unravelled Yoga

Okay so definitely give yourself a little break between eating and jetting off to yoga but a yoga class should definitely be on your list. My go-to studio n Cape Town is Unraveled Yoga. Besides the incredible classes that always challenge me, they have a studio dog called Huck. I mean yoga and Golden Retrievers, need I say more!?


6. Slow It Down With a  Sunset Visit to Clifton Beach

The Clifton beaches are some of my favourite in the whole world. I have so many fantastic memories on these beaches and while the water is pretty much always freezing cold, they’re really protected from the wind and just unbelievably beautiful. Even better they’re really close to town so you don’t have to drive super far for a quick visit. During summer there are people selling granadilla iceys on the beach, there’s no possible way you can be disappointed with a visit to Clifton!

I’ll be back in Cape Town in a few weeks, please let me know what you think I should add to my list? Always keen on finding new things to do!

If you want to check out Mel’s take on our day out you can read her post here!