I met Lloyd a few months ago when we both started working at Cerebra. I love Lloyds profile because he takes time not only on his photos, but also with his captions where he writes beautiful poetry to accompany each of his pictures. Learn more about him below.

1. What is your handle?


2. What do you do when you’re not Instagramming?

I work as a senior community manager at Cerebra, Africa’s social business authority. We help corporate clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of the social era of business. Besides my career, I love collecting sneakers, writing poetry and music, experimenting with food in the kitchen, online reading and chilling with my best friend.

3. How did you discover Instagram?

Through my MD, Craig Rodney, I bought my first iPhone and he recommended I check out this app called Instagram and it was love at first sight.

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This city has my heart! #NYC #africaninamerica

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4. Who are some of your favourite SA Instagrammers?

I have so many but off the top of my head these are a few of my favourite SA Instagrammers and each one is for different reasons.

@SouthAfrica: showcasing our amazing country.

@GarethPon Videographer and Pixelmaker: He gets it, he uses his pics to tell amazing stories.

@Shesaidsa Writer and Johannesburg Sweetheart: Her images are like a modern day Louvre, their masterpieces with a distinct style that is unique to her.

@Thobanj Audiomaker: his landscape and scenery images transport you into another world.

@Trevor_Stuurman fashion and lifestyle blogger: he takes the best portraits, each one with a story that is beautifully detailed.

@One8thfrench Digital designer: he’s eye for design comes through in his images, they’re spectacular beautiful.

@AdidasZA: My favourite brand in the whole wide world! Enough said.

But I have a few international Instagrammers that I really like:

@@Ice_kad native NewYorker: he captures images of New York like never before and it’s the city I love with all my heart

@Kashabaka Russian guy: to see his take on Russia through images is breathtaking and real.

@Liz_Elton Art Director for Marie Claire in Australia: I love her take on style and the quirkiness of her pics

5. Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to master the platform?

Experiment, make mistakes, learn, tell a story, be creative in your own unique way, think before you capture and find an editing app that works for you.

6. Do you have a particular photographic style?

I would say based on the best photos I’ve taken I’m really into landscapes, scenery and nature and abstract photography but what I really love and am experimenting with is black and white photography.

7. Where is your favourite place to take pictures in Johannesburg?

Braamfontein, areas around Fourways, any cool spot that has nature.