When I think of Lanseria I think of the airport and overdone ‘villaesque’ wedding venues. When I think of Lanseria I don’t think of chic, understated venues and beautiful wide open spaces. The Quarters at the White Light venue is all of the latter and then some!

The Quarters is part of the White Light venue and belongs the The Forum Company, which means that it’s held to the Forum’s high standards and you can expect nothing but high standards, good food and smiles. The Quarters is set a little way from the venue (just a short stroll) and has a total of five rooms all with their own entrances and with beautiful garden views. The rooms are organised around a beautifully designed living area including a huge fire pit, and while there isn’t a kitchen the accommodation is inclusive of breakfast so you don’t have to worry about what to cook. I think the venue will mostly be used for wedding guests but it’s also open to other guests who want to stay a few nights regardless of whether or not they are attending a wedding at the venue.


Craig and I were lucky enough to stay in the Honeymoon suite…or I guess just the main suite. Almost the entire room is surrounded by elegant paned windows and the room’s high ceilings and white finishes give it a light and airy feel. My favourite part of the room was a huge white peacock chair that had me feeling like the queen of Sheba. I got a sneak peak of the other rooms at The Quarters and all of them followed along similar lines, white finishes, African design and wide open spaces.

As part of my stay at The Quarters I got to experience the cooking of the Chefs from White Light and The Kitchen at L’Antico Giardino. Both dinner and breakfast were simple yet rich and wholesome and I can’t wait to  go back to The Kitchen to really sit down and enjoy a meal (it was storming and I had to get back to the city for a meeting so it was a super quick breakfast). The restaurant will be open from March 4th on Saturdays and Sundays for breakfast and Lunch. The whole philosophy of the space is to sit under the trees and amongst nature and enjoy delicious fresh food, which is mirrored in the beautiful decor that resembles a greenhouse of sorts.

Contact:+27 (0)11 575 3888

Address: Farm 534 Nooitgedacht, Elandsdrift Road, Lanseria