A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to travel to the UK with Visit Britain as a representative of The Travel Manuel, one of my favourite South African Travel blogs, seriously Vaughn is one of the nicest humans I’ve ever met! Anyways, I wrote an article for The Travel Manuel on my Liverpool hi-lights  favourite things to do and experiences while in Liverpool but I thought I’d share a photo series I shot while exploring the Liverpool Waterfront with you guys!

liverpool-waterfront-25-of-33liverpool-waterfront-6-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-15-of-33liverpool-waterfront-16-of-33

I really loved Liverpool, and after Oxford I think it’s by far one of my favourite cities in the UK. The city’s mix of history, music and all round friendliness that made me feel like I was on a big adventure when I was wondering through its streets. One of my favourite places was the Liverpool Waterfront, I discovered it on my first afternoon in the city and returned there quite a few times just to stroll around and take in my surroundings. I wouldn’t say it’s the world’s prettiest waterfront but I will say it’s one of the most interesting.

liverpool-waterfront-24-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-10-of-33liverpool-waterfront-23-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-13-of-33liverpool-waterfront-3-of-33

Liverpool’s Waterfront is filled with Museums (ever heard of the TATE?), rides, memorials and just people going about their daily business. I especially liked finding a bench and just watching people go by! On my final morning in Liverpool I took a few minutes to myself and shot some images of the waterfront that, for me, sum up the essence of the public space perfectly!

liverpool-waterfront-7-of-33liverpool-waterfront-21-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-28-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-30-of-33

If you’re planning on visiting Liverpool or have any questions about the city just pop me a mail or use the comments section below or visit the Visit Britain Website.

liverpool-waterfront-29-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-31-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-32-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-33-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-9-of-33liverpool-waterfront-2-of-33liverpool-waterfront-22-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-18-of-33liverpool-waterfront-11-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-12-of-33 liverpool-waterfront-14-of-33