I’m not a ‘car person’ seriosuly if it gets me from A to B I’d be more than happy to drive a donkey cart. Last week I got the chance to drive around an Opel Adam JAM and I actually really enjoyed it AND I finally took the time to learn a little bit more about this beautiful piece of engineering.

Craig and I took our little Bumblebee out to drive her around Joburg and really get a feel for what it would be like missioning around the city with her. On a normal day to get me to drive over 40kms an hour is a push (because i’m a granny on the inside) so it was actually really fun driving a little faster (within the speed limit of course) than I usually would and having the wind blowing in my hair.

The JAM is perfect for you if you’re a city dweller like me, haven’t won the lottery (yet), like me and love customising everything, like me. The JAM starts at

R 209 900, it’s small but not too small, the front seats are super spacious but you won’t have any trouble finding parking spots around town. Opel also has the most beautiful range of colours including some seriously pretty pastels. Another thing I literally couldn’t get over was that the car parks itself, seriously you just have to sit there and it will park perfectly in-between the lines! You can check out a video on how it works here.

I’m probably not going to be the first choice in Need For Speed 20 but I really loved that the JAM is a 1.0 L but it has a Turbo so there’s no awkward chugging up hills in first gear while your car screams in pain…I know you know what I mean.

All in all I loved my adventure with the my Adam and think it’s the perfect car for young professionals and people who like pretty things…and can’t park!

To read more on the car click here.

All pictures by Jason Haji. Thanks to Opel South Africa for supporting She Said.