Showee it’s Monday again…and my inbox looks worse than a dog’s breakfast, but what else is new heheh! I’m so amped to share another look in my mission to share the style of those around me, this week the lovely Alexandra Harrison let me shoot some pictures of her face.

Alex is a stylist/soon to be art director and I met her on a couple of shoots I’ve done for Coke and a few other brands, when I shoot I always look like the worlds biggest slob, because the call times are super early and I always get dirty so there’s no point in looking presentable…at least that’s my excuse, baggy jeans for the win! Anyways, Alex always looks impeccable (thanks for making us all look bad Alex!) so here’s your chance to peak into her world.

I’m not quite sure how I would define her style but it’s definitely edgy and she rocks anything oversized! Have fun checking her style out…I’m going back to my inbox!

Top & skirt: Zara
Choker: Lovisa
Shoes: Cotton On