I have this dream that one day I’ll be one of those ‘ladies who lunch’, I have a feeling that that day is still quite far away, so for now I’m quite happy to try out one or two new spots every month. Arbour Café & Courtyard is a bit of an institution in the world of lunch (if you say lunch five times over doesn’t it end up sounding like the weirdest word?) and has been quietly satisfying all those who enter for some time now, we even covered it on Jobest when we started it a few years ago but didn’t cover it so it’s been on my list of places to visit ever since.

Arbour Café & Courtyard recently launched their new menu giving me the perfect excuse to drag Craig along and force him to eat a delicious sandwich and take a breath of fresh air in their courtyard. From the outside Arbour Café looks tiny but as soon as you venture past the kitchen, where you can see their chefs hard at work, an entire courtyard opens up to surprise you. I love how the courtyard comes as a bit of a surprise and the way they’ve spaced their tables out means you’re not rubbing elbows with strangers while you’re trying to eat your  Crêpe.

Yes, Crêpe’s and Galettes are what Arbour Café & Courtyard is know for, did I have one…well no because I really really wanted their salmon salad! BUT, everyone I’ve ever know that’s gone there say they are brilliant. The Salmon and Grapefruit Salad (R88) was a solid meal, I say a meal because sometimes you order salad for lunch and then you have to stop at Chicken Licken for some sliders afterwards because the salad was so tiny. I’v never tried Salmon with Grapefruit before and I was really amped on the flavour combination and was a result of the pairing. Craig also opted for something a little more on the interesting side with a Baguette with Country Ham, Fresh Apple, Brie, Caramelised Onion and Rocket (R78). I had a bite or two of his sandwich and it was really tasty, I loved the texture of the fresh apple.

Once you’ve had elegant sufficiency at Arbour Café & Courtyard, I’d really recommend taking a short work to James and Ethel Grey park, it’s just a block away and has an incredible view of the Johannesburg skyline.

Contact: 011 788 4111

Address: 64 St Andrew St, Johannesburg, 2196