On Sunday night I had great plans for this week, I was feeling energised and just plain old amped to get stuff done and projects started! Unfortunately my immune system had other plans and I’ve been sick in bed for the last three days. I’ve had a couple colds over the last few years but I can’t say I’ve had full blow flu in the way I’ve experienced this week. Craig has been really great about looking after me but I’m still feeling really weak and a little sorry for myself as I write this post from the confines of my bed, surrounded by mounds of used tissues and empty cups once containing Med Lemon.

Anyways, I must blog on! I’ve been loving the influx of 90s fashion that has been flooding in over the past few seasons and now that the weather is starting to cool down in the Southern Hemisphere we’re all going to get to take full advantage of oversized jumpers, hoodies and tracksuit tops yay! I found this beaut at Zara a few weeks ago when I found my tartan dress . I’ve really been enjoying Zara’s new range, but I’ve gotten lazy about looking at other stores so I’ve promised myself not to venture into Zara for the next few months and broaden my horizons a little. I’ve seen similar shape tops at H&M, Factorie and Mr P if you can’t find this exact top! My Jeans are from Topshop, my favourite place to find jeans that fit my body shape, I bought them a little while ago but they have staples so always have similar jeans in stock! Topshop also just launched a whole new range of denims this week so you’ll definitely find something to suite you there.

Top: Zara

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Superga