Every time I head out to the Midlands in Kwazulu Natal I feel like an adventurer from the storybooks I used to read as a child. There is something truly enchanting about the green rolling hills, interspersed with animals grazing  luscious dew laden fields  and of course there’s always a bit of mist to add yet another layer of enchantment to the region. Last weekend I was in the Midlands for a cousin’s wedding and got to explore it more than I have in the past. We woke up on Saturday morning, pre-wedding, hungry from the day of travel before and ready for a hearty breakfast. A quick search on TripAdvisor lead us to Blueberry Cafe.

The first thing that caught my attention  when stumbling accross Blueberry Cafe were the plant walls and decor. Any place that has a two story wall of strawberries gets the thumbs up from me. The decor of the entire cafe is simple yet manages to maintain a homey feel. Their wrap around glass walls and ceilings open up the space and let in the beautiful vistas that are so unique to its surrounds. Visitors have their choice of tables, long benched tables and even a couple of couches, if you explore a little further outside of the main eating area the owners have set up a tasteful store selling locally made products and their own coffee blends. The manger on duty at the time was a true coffee connoisseur and chatted to my dad about the different blends and flavours for ages so be sure to track him down when you’re there.

From what I hear, Blueberry Cafe are know for their Harvest Table lunches, that I’ll definitely have to go back for, but, if you’re like me and you’re in the market for a great breakfast this is still the spot! Their selection is hearty, rich and pretty darn luxurious including the likes of Blueberry Crumpets served with egg, bacon and syrup (R75), where the crumpets are better compared to giant scones and a standard English Breakfast (R100) with the addition of a tart yet sweet berry preserve to add an extra layer to the meal. I indulged in a Gluten Free Waffle Stack (R110) served with egg, bacon and onion marmalade, it’s usually served with Hollandaise sauce and melted cheese but being allergic to dairy I had to cut it out. Another ‘must try’ when visiting Blue Berry Cafe is their frozen lemonades, which would be even better with a shot of gin in!

All in all Blueberry Cafe combines the charm of the midlands with the style of Cape Town to create a calming space that you won’t want to leave.

Thanks for such an awesome weekend Mom, Dad, Aunty Des, Shani and of course Craigy!

Contact: 033 266 7132

Address: Netherwood Farm, R103, Nottingham Rd, 3280