Music has and always will be a huge part of my life, I married a musician so he’ll make sure of that! I love that I get to meet such incredible musicians almost on a weekly basis but some really stand out from the rest.

Earlier this week I got to hang out with DJ, Engineer and all round nice guy, Bruce Loko. Bruce and I have been working on a campaign for Capitec together but I’ll chat more about that later.

The thing that struck me most about hanging out with Bruce was his drive and energy, you know the person that you hang out with and you can feel them making you smile and your soul becomes a little lighter? That’s Bruce.

I asked Bruce if he had one emotion to describe his music what he would choose, he said ‘happiness’ and that made me so happy to hear, because that’s what music is supposed to be right? Happiness! Bruce’s energy is infectious and I can’t even begin to imagine what he must be like behind the decks.

As the story goes, when Bruce was younger Don Laka, one of South Africa’s most talented jazz musicians gave him a CD. This CD inspired him to start creating his own music and putting smiles on all of our faces! Bruce creates all his own music, which you can 100% feel when you hear it, he really does pour himself into every part of his creations. It’s the type of music you hope and pray to stumble accross at 1AM at a music festival! I can’t quite place my finger on it but I would say it’s a mixture between house and techno, but who needs labels anyways?

So how and why did I get to meet Bruce? Well firstly I’m glad I got to because he made my day, and it had been a bad day! Secondly, Bruce partnered with Capitec on their #BankBetterLiveBetter campaign. Craig is the BIGGEST fan of Capitec, seriously he doesn’t stop talking about them! The #BankBetterLiveBetter campaign is rooted in the thinking that by making banking simple, affordable and transparent, their consumers are able to spend money and time doing things that they love. For Bruce that means making more music…for me that means eating more snacks!

Bruce partnered with Capitec to remake their song ‘Live Better’ which you can listen to here.

I think it’s incredible that a bank…an institution you wouldn’t normally associate with DJs and creatives has really taken a chance to do something different and creative while supporting local artists. You can watch a little more on what Capitec are doing to make life a little better here.

Thanks to Capitec for Supporting She Said