Autumn, Autumn go away, come again another day! I’m not cut out for Winter, not even a little, that means you too Autumn! If I had it my way it would be 30 Degrees and humid all year round and I’d live in dresses and shorts and t-shirts, unfortunately I can’t control the weather and I’m having to deal with the slight nip in the air and the task of rearranging my wardrobe.

Bubblegum Pop (3 of 7)Bubblegum Pop (2 of 7)

Luckily by about 12PM in Joburg’s Autumn sun you can walk around without a jersey so I can still hold onto bare arms and legs for a little longer! I love this getup because it’s really fun and reminds me a little bit of Baby Spice and her Bubblegum Pop days…and the dress is really stretchy so I can break out my sweet moves!

Thanks as always to the talented Nicole for the incredible pics and laughs.

Anna-Belle Durrant (2 of 4) Anna-Belle Durrant (3 of 4)Bubblegum Pop (5 of 7) Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 4) Bubblegum Pop (6 of 7) Bubblegum Pop (7 of 7)

Dress: H&M

Jumper: H&M

Shoes: Superga

Sunnies: Mr Price