Lately my apartment has been filled with music even more than usual, Craig has been working on his second album for Yo Grapes and it’s sounding seriously rad. Expect loads more dancey disco tunes shake your butt to.

Over the past few weeks you may have heard the first single from the album on 5fm and a couple other stations (he hasn’t named the album but I’m still trying to convince him to call it ‘Anna-Belle Is The Flipping Best’). Today the video for I Play The Drums goes live, and yoh it makes me so happy. For those of you who don’t know Craig is a seriously good dancer, he was even in a b-boy group when he was school, his name was B-boy Lullaby how funny?! Anyways, he’s been wanting to bring more actual dancing into his sets and videos so this is the first of many where you can see Yo Grapes breaking it down in a suit.


The incredible Hanro Havenga shot the video and queens of the free world Manthe Ribane and Kim Cohen. I’ve never actually seen anyone dance the way they do, seriosuly two of the most mesmerizing people ever.

Craig always refuses to tell me what his songs are about but I’m guessing this one is about playing the drums…and I’m guessing you’re going to love it.

P.S So proud of you husband!