If you go down to the Sandton Gautrain Station today you’re in for a big surprise…in the form of a zillion different croissant flavours. Seriously, I’m talking Double Baked Hazelnut and Chocolate, Lemon Meringue, Breakfast Croissants and even Apple and Caramel Cruffins and Proof Cafe has them all.

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When I first discovered Proof Cafe, I was on a detox of sorts, I’ve been back twice since then and my detox has turned into a Croissant Detox which I’m pretty sure is going to become a new fad. For real though I don’t know who could resist a Death By Chocolate Cruffin fresh from the oven…and if you can resist it you shouldn’t be trusted.

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Proof Cafe is just outside of the Gautrain Station entrance making it great for a quick coffee and snack before you head off to wherever you’re going (or as you arrive) but it’s also worth a walk if you work in the area and if you ask me I’d drive everyday to get my hands on their baked goods.

If you’ve got a little time to spare Proof Cafe also has a tasty looking range of salads and sandwiches which are freshly prepared daily and on demand, what really impressed me were the price points. For what looks like a kilo of salad the prices ranged from R35 to R64.

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The Cafe has counter seating downstairs but the easy to miss stairs to the loft level lead to a really awesome space to relax, eat slowly or even have a meeting or two.

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Happy eating!

Contact: info@proofcafe.co.za

Address: Shop no.6, Gautrain Station, West Sandton, Johannesburg