At the beginning of the year I had two separate conversations, one with my friends and the other with Craig. We decided two things, one we were going to make an effort to spend real quality time together and that we were going to explore more of South Africa. So, last week myself and my lovely friends Star and Sam set out on a mission to visit Parys…except it was raining really hard so we ended up taking a drive out to Cullinan. We’ll always have Cullinan!

On our way into town we ended up picking up a little puppy that was looking very lost on the main road, much of our day was spent trying to track down the owner, once we succeeded we  didn’t have too much time left in town but we got the gist of it! Cullinan is quaint, filled with smiles and antiques (lost puppies too) is is just over an hour outside of the city making it perfect for a Sunday morning drive and adventure. So why should you take a drive to Cullinan?

Spend some quality time with friends and loved ones.

It might be a little soppy but really taking the time to spend time with your friends on the weekend can be so cathartic. You’re stuck in the car for an hour each way and when you get there it’s so pretty and relaxing no one is on their cellphones. It’s like a mini holiday that only takes half a day

Antiques, all the antiques.

There a few things I love more than antiques, seriously is there anything better than scouring through old dusty shelves, checking if vintage cameras still work and paging through ancient books. Not for me! Cullinan has a whole host of Antique shops and lucky for you they’re in walking distance of each other. Put Oppistasie into your GPS and it will take you to the largest group of stores.

Eat food out of a shovel at Oppistasie.

Yeah, I know when I heard that for the first time I can’t say  was chomping at the bit, but all in all Oppistasie is as quaint as they come and you can really get into eating out of a shovel. Due to our ‘save the pooch’ mission we just missed breakfast but were more than happy with our freshly baked pies. Other than making delicious pies, you probably already guessed but Oppistasie is an old railway station so eating on the deck surrounded by old broken down phone booths and train paraphernalia, including tracks is an experience in itself.

Browse hundreds of Records

…for only R20 a pop. Sam was in her element when she discovered a whole hoard of Vinyls from all genres and periods for only R20 each, they all looked in pretty decent condition too!

Visit the Diamond Mine.

The Cullinan Diamond mine is the only active diamond mine int the world that you can actually visit. I can’t seem to find a reason why but that makes it a little more exciting right? Tours run daily from the information centre in town…you’ll spot it because the town is tiny and there’s only one information centre! We didn’t get to go but it’s on our list for next time!

Check out the abundance of antique dolls.

My friends don’t understand my fascination with old dolls and think I’m creepy, BUT, I know there are some of you out there who really appreciate old dolls so if you’re in the market Cullinan has loads!

Buy an vintage  scooter.

Okay we didn’t buy an antique scooter but I coulda I woulda! Cullinan is home to a charming hotrod inspired store filled with motorbikes and scooters in pretty good condition. Even more exciting than the scooters is the store filled with number plates, records and other goodies from a time gone by.

Take a stroll.

When I said Cullinan is small i really meant it, you could probably walk around the centre of town in twenty minutes so make sure you stroll around, pop into all the little stores and make an effort to speak to the locals!

I can’t wait to go to Cullinan again, any suggestions for next time?