When Craig proposed it was with a Dear Rae ring so Dear Rae really holds a special place in my heart. Even before that though I’d always been a huge fan of their designs, each time they introduce new collections or share one-of-a-kind pieces my jaw drops down a little further.

Shashe (1 of 2)Their latest collection Shashe, comes from a collaboration between Karin Rae and KatrinCoetzer. The pair found themselves hypnotised by the magic of their surroundings, spending their days dreaming up ideas on a farm near the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers. Karin’s new collection reminisces on the rich, yet delicate story of this unsung region of Africa, as does Coetzer’s accompanying ‘Shashe’ illustration, of which a limited edition of 50 prints will be available for purchase.

I’m lucky enough to call myself the owner of the silver Shashe ring which you can order here. If you’re thinking of ordering a Dear Rae piece for Christmas you better get cracking as they close for orders on December 15th!

Shashe (1 of 1)-4 Shashe (1 of 1)-5Shashe (1 of 1) Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 1)-3 Shashe (1 of 1)-2Where beauty exists in vastness
And tales are told in textures;
Where Mopane woodlands become riverine forests
That drink from the life of the confluence;
Where wild figs cling onto cliff faces
And wild beasts leave only their prints behind;
Where boulders lay strewn in peaceful slumber
as the Sun awakens the expansive savannah landscape;
Where indigenous giants guard the grasslands of an ancient African kingdom
And mighty rivers collide in majesty over the archaic floodplains of a forgotten Eden;
This is Shashe
And this is her Story.

How beautiful are the images from the Shashe lookbook?

Dear Rae_Shot03_0410 Dear Rae_Shot03_0137 Dear Rae_Shot02_0308 Dear Rae_Shot03_0516 Dear Rae_Shot03_0566 Dear Rae_Shot03_0261 Dear Rae_Shot03_0123