Getting back into work after you’ve spent the past few weeks eating, napping and sunning yourself can be pretty tough…and that’s putting it mildly. Pretty stationary makes it a little easier though.

A little while ago my friend Lucy gave me the most wonderful personalised notebook as a gift and it inspired me to make a similar DIY notebook for Craig to get him in the mood for work.

DIY Notebook 8I got all my materials from Typo and it cost just under R150 which I think is pretty good as the box of stickers has about a million sheets of letters that I will use in the future.

Step 1. Get a plain notebook.

DIY Notebook 2Step 2. Buy some adhesive letters or stickers, or if you want try making your own.

DIY Notebook 1 DIY Notebook  3Step 3. Decorate!

DIY Notebook 6 DIY Notebook 7 DIY Notebook 5