Boy oh boy do I love milkshakes! I crave them pretty much all the time so when I have people over for dinner I love serving them milkshakes for dessert…after plying them with three other courses because my mom taught me to be a feeder! 

I tend to go overboard with my dinner parties and half the time I’m in the kitchen preparing something ridiculous for my guests. I’ve partnered with Super M, the creamiest packaged milkshakes in all the land to share an easy two minute banana and chocolate milkshake recipes that ACTUALLY takes two minutes to make. None of that ‘two minute but actually means twenty minutes’ nonsense here. PLUS, they’re giving away some pretty cool prizes every week so read on to find out how you can win


For the recipe you only need two things: one large bottle of Chocolate Super M and one small bottle of Banana flavoured Super M and mix them together with a ration of three to one, this will make about four milkshakes. BUT it wouldn’t be quite the same without a few extra delicious toppings right? 


For my recipe I popped a doughnut onto the top, with some wafers and some whipped cream to add a little more sugary goodness. If you’re going to go the doughnut route I’d really suggest you go for a flavour that’s not too hectic like cinnamon and sugar or a simple glaze.  


  • 1x small banana flavoured Super M
  • 1x large chocolate flavoured Super M
  • 4x doughnuts
  • 250ml cream
  • 1x pack of wafer biscuits

To WIN with Super M, head on over to their site!

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