Okay, seriously I couldn’t help using that pun as a title for this post…I’m still laughing about it! I found this Fern-tastic dress yesterday while in Bangkok and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys.

Anna-Belle Durrant She Said (5 of 5)

Anna-Belle Durrant She Said (4 of 5)

My friends and family back home keep telling me how freezing cold it is at the moment, which is a little hard to fathom because Craig and I are sitting in the lobby of our apartment block sweating it out in 35 degree weather with what feels like 90% humidity. I’m not sure what’s worse freezing cold or boiling hot…okay jokes being hot is always better than being cold! Either way I thought it would be cruel to share a post of myself prancing around in summer clothes while most of you freeze your butts off!

Ferntastic (4 of 7) Ferntastic (3 of 7)

I really love this dress and can’t wait to wear it back home when I’m not dying of heat in it, there’s so much material so it’s really thick and awesome. Also how great is the collar and sleeves? I wish I could tell you where I got it from but it was from one of Bangkok’s many nameless market stalls, it was however R100 which makes me and my bank account really happy!

Thanks for helping me with the pics my Chazzels!

Ferntastic (7 of 7) Ferntastic (2 of 7) Ferntastic (1 of 7) Ferntastic (6 of 7)