It’s official, Craig and I have set a date for our big day. It’s a really strange feeling because it makes it seem so real, even though it was real before. I’ve always said I won’t be one of those girls who stresses about their wedding but if I’m honest before we had set a date I was stressing a little, just because I didn’t quite know how much time I would have to do everything. So if you’re newly engaged or you’re planning a wedding the first thing I would recommend doing is to set a date or even decide on a month. Once you’ve done that it’s a huge weight off your shoulders.

So now that we’ve set a date we can start concentrating on the fun stuff, one of the fun things to decide on is a wedding garter. Here are five beautiful garters I found on Etsy.

1. Melinda Rose Design

Etsy Bridal Garter

2. Woo Mee Bridal 

Etsy Bridal Garter 2

3. Cameron Couture

Etsy Bridal Garter 3

 4. Melinda Rose Design

Etsy Bridal Garter 4

5. Woo Mee Bridal

Etsy Bridal Garter 5

 Have you found any out of the ordinary garters? I would love it if you shared them with me.