A few weeks ago I helped my friend Lucky Pony take some photos for a campaign she took part in for Mango. We both love taking photos and dressing up so shoots like this are always fun, the best part (other than the lovely clothes) is thinking up how and where we are going to do each shoot and how the surroundings suit the clothes and brand, it really never gets old. Lucky Pony-15This particular time we decided to shoot in a forrest to compliment the earthy tones of the clothes she picked from the Mango store.

If you feel like hanging out or need a similar shoot for your brand give us a shout in my contact form or mail me at shesaidsa@gmail.com .

Lucky Pony-17South African Fashion Blogger-6South African Fashion Blogger-5Lucky Pony-11Lucky Pony-4Lucky Pony-3South African Fashion Blogger-2Lucky Pony-22South African Fashion Blogger-3Lucky Pony-19Lucky Pony-10Lucky Pony-7
Lucky Pony-6Lucky Pony-8Lucky Pony-9

I had to put this final photo in of a failed jump we attempted to do, Angie looks like a flying squirrel, it makes me laugh every time! South African Fashion Blogger-4