Friday’s are by far my favourite day of the week, I love the feeling of winding down and knowing that over the next couple of days I’ll have some time to myself! Friday evenings are usually reserved for Family dinners or drinks with friends and so often I find myself going to the same places over and over again and it can get a little boring. Clico Boutique Hotel in Rosebank has but a much needed spanner in the works for me with their launch of  a little something called Friday Fizz.


What exactly is Friday Fizz you ask? Well it’s pretty much the only way to end off your week, the hotel has introduced Friday sessions where for only R195 per person you get to stuff your face with six huge fresh oysters and a glass of tasty De Grendel MCC Brut. R195 may seem like a lot at first but considering you get to hang out in the hotel’s beautiful gardens AND eat world-class oysters it really is an incredible deal.

friday-fizz-5-of-6 friday-fizz-6-of-6 ricci-lee-kalish-1-of-5

The restaurant is completely open with one side made of sliding glass doors so it doesn’t make too much difference where you are seated, although I always will sit outside given the choice!

clico-boutique-hotel-1-of-5 clico-boutique-hotel-3-of-5 clico-boutique-hotel-5-of-5

I invited my flipping good looking friend Ricci-Lee Kalish from Big Bad Wolf along for the oyster fest.  I always bump into Ricci at events and we’ve had mutual friends for ages but we’ve never sat down properly and chatted without having to rush of somewhere. It was so refreshing to get to know someone knew and have a good laugh. If you haven’t checked her blog out you should right now!

While you don’t have to book for Friday Fizz I can imagine that it will get popular pretty soon so I suggest you book anyways just to be safe. I also suggest you invite me along every time you go! To book you can contact the hotel here or call 011 252 3300.