There’s hair extensions, extension plugs and then there’s the extensions my neighbours are doing to their apartment that means constant drilling for twelve hours a day. Now, there’s eyelash extensions. As it goes, I seemed to have missed the boat on this on as eyelash extensions have been around for ages, I’m presuming they must be pretty popular as since I had mine ‘installed’ I’ve noticed them on salon menus all around South Africa (and Europe for that matter).

Anna-Belle Durrant (2 of 2) Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 2)

I had my lashes done by the amazing Sarah from Serenity At Work with Jobest a few weeks ago, full disclosure…Sarah is my sister in law, but even if I didn’t have to like her I would, and the same goes for her amazing work as a beauty therapist. Sarah started Serenity At Work a year or so ago after moving back to South Africa from Ireland, the idea behind the service is that you barely have to lift a finger to get all your beauty treatments done. Serenity At Work therapists come to your work or home, saving you time…saving you money AND putting you first. For the full list of treatments click here.

Getting Eyelash Extensions for the First TIme (1 of 3) Getting Eyelash Extensions for the First TIme (2 of 3)

Okay, back to the lashes. I have extremely sensitive eyes, if a speck of dust even looks at me funny my eyes will water for the next hour, so it’s safe to say I was pretty nervous about the whole experience. Aside from Sarah making me feel really comfortable the application of the lashes was a lot less traumatic than I envisioned it to be. Sure, my eyes stung a little from the glue and lying on your back without moving for an hour and a half isn’t the single most comfortable thing in the world but it’s 100% worth it.

Serenity At Work (1 of 2) Serenity At Work (2 of 2)

I still can’t believe how the lashes have changed my face, without sounding like a knob I’ve had a couple people come up to me every day since I got them asking what I’ve changed. The lashes eliminate the need for makeup, and they feel completely natural, no Geordie Shore over the top lashes here!

If, like me, the concept of eyelash extensions is still new to you you probably still have a few questions. Sarah was kind enough to answer some for you (and me) to dispel a few myths about getting lashes.

5 Myths About Eyelash Extensions

  1. Your eyelashes will fall out – they won’t, well at least not anymore than they already do! We don’t realise that our eyelashes fall out because they’re small and fine, but our natural lashes fall out every four to six weeks just like the hairs on our head. Eyelash extensions only get a bad reputation because it is more noticeable to spot natural eyelashes that have shed when they’re glued to long, thick, synthetic lashes.
  2. Your eyelashes will never grow back – your eyelashes will definitely grow back. New natural eyelashes are always growing in, that is why you should get infills every two to three weeks. In other words? If eyelash extensions really made your eyelashes cease growing, refills wouldn’t even be possible, because there has to be a natural lash for the extension to adhere to.
  3.  Eyelash extensions hurt – they don’t! Nothing about the process hurts! If you are worried about someone using tweezers close to your eyes, you might feel anxiety, but pain is not part of the deal.
  4. After stopping extensions, your natural lash will be shorter and thinner – many people feel that their natural lashes get thinner or shorter afterwards, but it’s essentially an optical illusion. You get used to waking up every day with thicker and longer lashes.
  5. You must take breaks – many people think that you have to take breaks from getting extensions in order to let your natural lashes “breathe.” The idea that it’s not good to get repeated extensions because your eyelashes need breathing room is simply not true.

If you’re amped to get your lashes done or jut to support an awesome local business you can visit the Serenity site here.

Serenity At Work (1 of 1) Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 1)-2