This morning I was wading through the legion of press releases I receive daily when one stood out and I’m pretty happy I clicked on it instead of sending it straight to trash! Good Good Good is a new menswear brand designed and produced in Cape Town.

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I know from shopping for Craig that finding a decent pair of chinos for him to wear is basically impossible. Generally my choices are the Kobus Wiese range which have less shape than a flipping cucumber or spending two grand on a good pair. From what I can see on their store Good Good Good is filled with awesome basics at really decent prices.

Let me know if you end up getting a few items from the store I’d love to see if the quality is as good as it looks!

P.S. Can we take a moment to appreciate how amazing the unicycle is!

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Lookbook credits:
Photographer: Grant Payne
Styling: Crystal Birch
Makeup and Hair: Rose Chaston
Model: Christiaan Beyers
Art Direction: Daniel Sher