A few months ago my concept of gourmet popcorn was having a little bit of extra butter salt on my popcorn at the movies. That’s changed though as I’ve been able to work on an awesome brand called Maverick and Jane.

Maverick and Jane is such a special brand to me as Golden has been managing all the social media and I’ve got to see a whole lot of what goes on behind the scenes and taste a whole lot of popcorn. So first things first M&J is proudly South African…which makes the popcorn taste a little sweeter. Secondly the popcorn is FLIPPING TAASSSTTYYY!

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The corn is brought in from Nebraska, which means it’s some of the best in the world, and each batch is made with care on site with real ingredients coating each kernel. So if they say the flavour is Peppermint Crisp or Caramel it means it’s made with actual caramel and actual chocolate and peppermint crisp, no dodgy additives here! M&J will also be bringing out new flavours all the time so there’s no chance of getting tired of getting bored.

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I’m more of a savoury kinda girl so my favourite flavours are….drum roll please…Real Cheese, Buttery, Olive Oil and Herb and Salted. The Cheese flavour is by far my favourite, being allergic to dairy I’ve had to start rationing myself though, but hot damn it’s tasty. Prices for a box or jar of gourmet heaven range from R13 to R59.

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If you head on over to Maverick and Jane you’ll also find some tasty gourmet slushies …and there are rumours of popcorn ice-creams making an appearance in summer so stay tuned.

Address:Shop FC14, The Zone @ Rosebank 177 Oxford Road Rosebank

Contact: 072 234 1825

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