Okay I’m in full wedding planning mode now, so expect some wedding related posts coming up. One of the best things about planning a wedding is finding reference and inspiration from the millions of women who’ve done it before, and who could be more inspirational than Grace Kelly. I found these pictures of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier  in Life Magazine from the time of their engagement to their spectacular ‘wedding of the century’.

Her wedding was obviously pretty flipping fancy but at the same time it oozed sophistication and style. Yesterday I met with the wonderful Sabrina Kennedy who is helping me do my bridesmaid dresses (eeekk), and we were chatting about how awful and uncomfortable so many brides look because they feel they need to be someone they’re not on their special day. Take a leaf out of Grace’s book, be yourself…even if it happens to be a super fancy version of yourself.

How amazing are these images from (and just before) Grace Kelly’s Wedding?

Grace Kelly's Wedding Dress 113144018.jpg 00963223.JPG 113302274.jpg 00962755.JPG 113324000.jpg 1204696.jpg113324040.jpg113323783.jpg