On my last late-night Pinterest expedition I came across a beautiful wooden bag that I was sure was an antique. It was so beautifully made and instantly made me think of a little boy exploring the woods near his house playing ‘army army’. Upon further inspection I discovered that it was the work of  (super friendly) designer Merve Burma. Grav Grav was started by Merve in 2011, so I feel a little silly for only discovering her brand now, but I’m sure glad I did.satchel_wooden_bag_4 atolye7The Grav Grav bags are all made from natural wooden materials like walnut, oak and beech and combined with leather. The Grav Grav collection also includes a whole host of  Wooden Satchel Bags made of beech and leather, embroidered Wooden Purses and Wooden Clutches that are made of oak and walnut, Grav Grav also has a rad children’s range.wooden_purseI also love how beautifully styled all of Merve’s product shots are! wooden_clutch_3 wooden_clutch_2 wood_clutchGrav Grav has an online store that ships worldwide so I think I’m going to buy one as a super early Christmas present for myself.satchel_wooden_bag satchel_wooden_bag_3 satchel_wooden_bag_2yellow_wooden_bag gold_wooden_bag merveburma