Hold your flipping horses, before you skip this post because you’re thinking ‘hey Peri Peri isn’t for me’, stop and listen! If  I can handle the Peri Peri from The Fat Zebra, then so can you!

The Fat Zebra is a relatively recent addition to Linden’s blossoming restaurant scene and can be found next door to Pron, which by the way has flourished from my first visit there and nowadays finding an open seat on a weekend is worth more than a pair of Yeezys.

The Fat Zebra  (2 of 13) The Fat Zebra  (8 of 13)

The restaurant/cafe…I can’t figure out what category it fits into, is understated and at first glance doesn’t do much to draw you in, that is of course until the owner and smiling staff win you over with their friendly nature, incredible knowledge of the menu and seriously funny jokes!

I can’t imagine what The Fat Zebra would be like for dinner but it seems like the perfect spot for breakfasts, lunches and early dinners. In the back of The Zebra, a pizza oven crackles away filling the whole room with warm ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’. Not just for cooking their thin based pizzas, the pizza oven is actually used to prepare 90% of all the food made at the Fat Zebra giving patrons an entirely different taste journey from other forms of preparation/cooking.

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For lunch Craig had the 100% Beef Burger, the patty is made on site and is topped with Fried Onions and their signature crispy Cubed Potatoes (R85). The Potato Cubes were so delicious we ordered another bowl with Aioli Mayo.

The Fat Zebra  (9 of 13) The Fat Zebra  (13 of 13)

I had the Chicken Prego, but the Banting version so it was served as chicken strips and with a large side salad (R75). While Craig’s Burger was tasty the winner of the day by far was the Chicken Prego and it’s ‘what is that flavour’ taste.

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The Fat Zebra also serves great coffee and a range of homemade cakes and desserts.

What are your favourite restaurants in Linden? I’d love to check them out.

Address:71, 7th Street, Corner 3rd Avenue, Linden, Randburg

Contact: +27 824695757

Craig Durrant  (1 of 1)Special thanks to Craig for making horrible faces every time I ask him to smile for a blog post!