I’ve recently moved to the beautiful suburb of Parkwood. I’ve always been a fan of The Parks as a whole mostly because of the beautiful tree-lined streets and multiple well-kept parks dotted around the area. I’ve slowly gotten into an almost daily routine of taking a long walk through the streets and up to one of my favourite Cafes: Grove Green.

Anna-Belle Durrant (3 of 3) Grove Green Cafe (1 of 1)I have yet to experience the walk in winter but currently everything is green and beautiful and even in the early morning there are a surprising amount of people walking around. After an extended walk through the suburbs I usually pop out across the road from Grove Green, an amazing, hidden gem of a store that I’m almost too fond of to share with you guys!

15 on 7th (1 of 2)-3 15 on 7th (1 of 1)I took a walk and popped into the Cafe with my beautiful new Lomography Instant Camera to keep me company while I spend most of my holiday in Joburg, if you’re keen to learn a little bit more about my relaxed city holiday with Venus you can click here.

Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 1)
The majority of the Cafe seating is outside under a beautiful tree and canopy in amongst the fresh vegetables that are used to create dishes at the restaurant. Every now and then you’ll see the owner pop out and cut one or two leaves off of of a plant! Besides the beautiful setting, the best part about grove Green is that it’s incredibly tasty AND it’s really healthy. That’s right, no sugar no carbs baby!

15 on 7th (1 of 2)My favourite dish by far is the flapjacks which are Gluten free and kind of make me want to dance around!

Healthy Flapjacks (1 of 3) Healthy Flapjacks (3 of 3)Craig’s favourite is the rolled oats…it may look small but don’t be fooled the helping will keep you full until lunch time!

Rolled Oats (1 of 1) Rolled Oats (2 of 2)

The Lomography Instant Camera is actually pretty hard to shoot with in comparison to other instant cameras I’ve used before so my pictures didn’t come out quite as awesome as I would have liked, what do you think of them? Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 1)-2 Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 1)-3Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 1)-5Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 1)-4

Don’t forget that the awesome #VenusOnTheGo competition is still running.

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In case you wanted more here are a few more pictures of the Cafe. Directions and opening and closing times can be found here:

Venus On The Go (1 of 1)15 on 7th (2 of 2)15 on 7th (2 of 2)-215 on 7th (1 of 2)-2Grove Green Cafe (1 of 2)Forever 21 Glasses (1 of 1)