This year has been HECTIC, every few weeks I get to pop my head up for air and write a few blog posts to share with you. Between becoming a business owner, working very hard on She Said and Jobest and getting married I think it’s be a pretty successful one albeit busy. 

Anna-Belle Durrant (4 of 4)-3This December I’m looking forward to spending the majority of my time around Joburg and my big beautiful pool! You might have seen I’ve partnered with the wonderful folks from Venus and their new Snap razor this summer. Besides a flipping rad outfit having smooth legs is a must have especially if you’re like me and you love spending summer in your bikini or wearing as little clothes as possible because it makes you feel light and free! 

Anna-Belle Durrant (4 of 4)-2 Anna-Belle Durrant (3 of 4)I got my shorts and t-shirt from Forever 21 in Nelson Mandela Square, both are made from really soft and awesome fabric so they are both super comfortable and the shorts don’t ride up when you walk or sit in them. I also got a haul of really well-priced sunnies from the Forever 21 accessories section, I love the soft yellow colour of these ones. If you’re looking to buy the shorts and top you may not be out of luck as I picked them out about a month ago. 

Anna-Belle Durrant (3 of 4)-3 Anna-Belle Durrant (2 of 4)-3 Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 4)-3

Don’t forget that the awesome #VenusOnTheGo competition is still running.

All you have to do to stand a chance to win a shopping spree worth R20 000 is:

  • Buy one of their Venus Snap razors
  • Snap a flat lay image including your Venus Snap
  • Upload it to Instagram using #VenusOnTheGo.

Photography by Nicole Olwagen

Venus On The Go (1 of 1)-4Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 4) Venus On The Go (1 of 1)-3 Anna-Belle Durrant (1 of 1) Venus On The Go (1 of 2)Venus Snap (1 of 1)-3Venus Snap (1 of 1)-4