Words cannot explain how happy I am that Spring is here and that I no longer have to run around in thick coats and beanies. There’s no doubt about it I’m a summer child and that means I flipping love hanging outdoors and spending as much time in the sun as possible. Of course with the warmer weather comes enjoying a drink outdoors especially during the day.

Castle Lite Lime (4 of 4)I always find it so interesting what people choose to drink, personally I’ve always been a beer drinker. My first drink was a beer and I hope my last will be too! Don’t get me wrong I love a good Wine and even more so a great Gin, but nothing compares to the taste of a beer on a hot summers day. Castle Lite has been my beer of choice for quite some time now and it’s great cause Craig enjoys it too so we sometimes have it with dinner.

Castle Lite Lime (2 of 4)I came across Castle Lite Lime the other day and I can honestly say it’s just as good as it’s older brother. I’ve never tried a flavoured beer because I always thought it would take away from the flavour but now I’m on a mission to try every flavoured beer in the world!

Castle Lite Lime (1 of 4)Even more exciting than the lime goodness that the new Castle Lite has in store for you is that if you join the Lime Line you can win yourself a free six pack, I’ve entered about three times, trust me it’s flipping awesome and easy! If you are invited to join the Lime Line, you’re in and then you can start making your own Lime Line and invite your own friends!

Check out their Twitter profile to see how you can win…you better share with me!