The first time I heard Bye Beneco was at wolves, and it sucked because the crowd kept talking over them. The second time I heard Bye Beneco was on Soundcloud and that didn’t suck one bit.

If you haven’t heard BB before I suggest listening to this song while you read the rest of the post.

The band is made up of four wonderful humans, all of who look like they’ve just stepped off the Further:

Lenny-Dee on lead vocals, keys, and guitar.

Jenny on vocals, keys, and percussion.

jenny black hair
Bergen on drums and guitar.

bergen b&w
Matthew on guitar and drums.

matthew eyes  b&W

Their name comes from a surreal place where the unconscious mind meets reality…see I told you they had Ken Kesey written all over them.

When the band heard that Crystal Fighters, MGMT and The Presets were coming to South Africa they figured that their sound would be amazing as an opening act, hands up if you agree.

If you want to year more Bye Beneco goodness vote for them to Open The City by SMSing “BYE BENECO” to 48477 or vote here.

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