Well hello there, I’m at it again…after a little too long off the hiking trail and definitely too much Bintang I’ve really started getting back into the swing of things. For me, the swing of things usually includes heading out the Hennops River Hiking Trail. This time I got to hang out with my lovely friend Lucy who I wish everyone could pack along for their hikes and the incredibly talented Olivia who helped me out with the video, you have to check her out!

Watch the video below!

Getting There

Without traffic, it only takes 40 minutes to get to the start of the Hennops Hiking and Mtb trail making it even closer than Castle Gorge. Unfortunately, at the moment they are doing upgrades to the road so there is a stop and go right before the entrance which might add 20 or so minutes to your journey.

Hennops is really well run and you won’t need to organise a permit before you get there, another thing that makes it so accessible. It’s R70 for adults and R40 for children, the fees need to be paid in cash so make sure you have some on you.

If you missed my post on Castle Gorge and it’s beautiful rock pools click here.

Getting Going

I think the Hennops trail is really pleasant and you don’t have to have won the Ironman to complete it there are a couple of climbs but there are also three different routes so you can choose which length suits you. The Krokodileberg Route is by far the most scenic as a fair amount of it is spent walking next to the river, exploring caves and you get to cross the suspension bridge. Every group that goes through the gate gets a map that’s really easy to follow and the route is clearly marked so there’s a very small chance you won’t find the routes.

Krokodilberg Route – not recommended for children under 12 

Distance: 10km
Duration: 4 – 5 hours
Degree of difficulty: Average – Difficult
Elevation gain: 400m
River crossing: Suspension bridge, cable car/stepping stones
Points of interest: Hospital cave, Pruimpie se gat, viewpoints, klipstapels, Dolomite Mines, Kalkoond, Dassie caves and game

Zebra Route

Distance: 5km
Duration: 2 hours
Degree of difficulty: Easy – Average
Elevation gain: 110m
River crossing: Cable car/stepping stones
Points of interest: Bokmakieries Bos, Oude Muragie, Dassie caves and game

Dassie Route – great introduction to hiking for children

Distance: 2.5km
Duration: 1 – 2 hours
Degree of difficulty: Easy – Average
Elevation gain: 70m
River crossing: Suspension bridge, cable car/stepping stones
Points of interest: Hospital cave, Pruimpie se gat, dassie caves

The River, Hospital Cave And More

There are so many interesting stops along the Krokodilberg Route it’s not even funny. If you’re not careful you’ll find the hike stretching to six hours, but let’s be honest isn’t exploring the best part of any hike! For about the first 30 or so minutes of the hike the path hugs the Hennops River really closely, it’s almost always flowing and mesmerising to watch. I’ve often encountered a friendly stable of horses who munch on the grass along the path in the early mornings.

Once you’ve veered away from the river you’ll encounter a short climb where you’ll find yourself on top of Hospital Cave and looking down on the river. In the morning light, there couldn’t be anything more beautiful. It’s a great spot to just sit and take in how beautiful the area is. Hospital Cave was used as…well a hospital in the Boer War by the Boers. Straight after exploring the cave you’ll make your way down again towards the suspension bridge…hello Instagram photos! After the bridge, the climbs and real work begin and the landscape changes a little to more open plains. There are some incredible lookout points along the way so keep an eye out for them.

What To Bring 

One of the best thinks about Hiking the Hennops Trail? On weekends they have a coffee trailer which sells all the basics you might need for a hike…like a frozen cafe mocha. If you forget water or snacks you’ll be covered but as always water is really important, there isn’t much shade along the routes so you’ll be kicking yourself if you forget. Once you have water covered you’ll also need a decent pair of trainers or trail shoes as some parts of the path are a little tricky… just don’t rock up in pumps okay! As always I swear by my  Hi-Tec Badwaters, they’re everything and more you need in a hiking shoe.

I’ve put together a list together for you to make it a little easier:

  • Cash to pay for permit
  • 2l water
  • Proper hiking shoes/trainers
  • Lunch
  • Sunscreen

Thanks to Hi-Tec for supporting She Said and always coming along for the adventure.