Back when Roxy crop tops were still in, and me smiling meant everyone in my immediate vicinity was blinded by the sun reflecting off my braces with coloured elastics in them, house parties were big.

We were all too young to get into clubs and no one had the guts to attempt to buy alcohol and so came about the birth of the house party. A huge melting pot of teenage hormones cheap alcohol and no parents…it was the best of times it was the worst of times.

My weirdest memory of my house party memories was after downing an entire can of Black Label; which nowadays would barely make a dent;  I was left feeling extremely lightheaded and completely wasted. For some reason beyond all comprehension I spent the last few hours of the night eating leaves from a bush in my hosts garden so my dad wouldn’t be able to smell beer on my breath.

Sumo is giving you a chance to wind back the clock and act like a crazy teenager this Saturday (August 3) by hosting what promises to be one flipping insane house party at 32 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank. They have been kind enough to give me two double tickets (ensures your spot on the guestlist) to give to all of my lovely readers! All you need to do is join the event and then tell me your fondest memory of the house parties of yesteryear, you can do so on my Facebook Page or in the comments section below!

Line- up

Musical Chairs
Kid Robot
DJ Doowap

R50 entrance (entrance limited to 400 people, get there early)
Doors open 9PM
100 person guest list (TBA)

Winners will be announced tomorrow afternoon at 12pm so get on it!

Sumo poster_v2 (1)