On Saturday I celebrated my good friend Dani’s bachelorette, I’m not sure if it was the setting or the fact that I love her so much but it was definitely the best bachelorette party I’ve been to.Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-6

If you’re planning one for a friend or if you are planning one for say a blogger named Anna-Belle, here are some things that made it awesome.

1. We didn’t have to sell a vital organ to afford it.

Could someone please tell me what the deal is with people throwing bachelorettes where attendees have to pay upwards of a R1000 to hang about in a dark club sipping out of penis straws (I’ll get to those later). Dani’s beautiful sister organised a day at the Rise and Shine Festival held at Sandton Central Park, all we had to do was pay for our tickets and then how much we drank and ate was up to us. I can imagine having everyone in one location and not paying thousands for a special table at a club must cost loads. Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-14

2. We ditched the shitty clubs.

Okay here I’m a bit bias but I really don’t understand the pull of clubs on a normal day, let alone when I’m supposed to be making a special memory with friends. I get that a club might be awesome for some people, but you can’t even really chat and it’s expensive, how can shouting “I hope you have a wonderful life” over the new Katy Perry single be fun…it’s not. Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-20

3. We did not see one single penis.

The bride-to-be at no point during the party had to sip on a penis straw or slap herself in the face with a dildo…it was awesome. Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-39

4. We caught some sun.

Dani’s sister definitely got it right by having the party during the day, we were all wearing comfortable clothes, and I’m pretty sure the Vitamin D put us all in an even better mood. Everyone had their fill of gin, danced their butts off and still managed to get to bed at a decent hour meaning most of us were fresh as rain the next day.Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-50Big high five to Dani’s sister for organising the best day ever and inspiring this blog post! Here are some pictures of the lovely ladies at the party, I cannot tell you how much you all mean to me. Seriously!

Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-3 Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-4 Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-5 Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-7 Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-8Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-9Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-10Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-15Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-13Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-16Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-17Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-21Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-23Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-22Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-30Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-28Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-29Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-27Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-31Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-32Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-33Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-34Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-35Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-37Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-36Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-38Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-40Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-43Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-41Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-45Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-47Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-48Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-49Bacholorette Danielle Vermaak_-51