Okay, yes, I know! This post should have been posted a good week or so ago but I’ve been too busy relaxing to give a hoot.

For Christmas last year I decided Craig and I needed a holiday, and I mean I real holiday. We’re both lucky enough to travel for work really often but it’s never relaxing, because it’s work! Also, seeing as we both own our own business we haven’t had a work free holiday in a REALLY long time. It’s one of the worst feelings to ‘be on holiday’ but know that you still have to be online and working, even our honeymoon wasn’t work or stress free. So, long story short I booked us two tickets to Indonesia and Thailand and that’s where we are right now…writing this post while overlooking one of Ubud’s beautiful rice paddy’s.

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There are loads of things people don’t tell you when you start your own business, they don’t teach you about tax, they don’t tell you how to register your business or what a pain in the ass it is, most importantly they don’t tell you that you’re the boss. Being the boss means that everything is always your problem and that if you want to eat or pay rent at the end of the month you have to solve those problems.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not complaining, I love Golden, working with Angie and the awesome work we get to do but it’s flipping hard and I often imagine how much easier it would be just to go be someone else’s employee and let them stress! In fact, I mentioned this to Mike Stopforth a friend of mine and head honcho at Cerebra and he told me that he thinks the same thing ten times a day for the past ten years even though he loves every minute of it!

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A few weeks before we were set to head off on holiday I had to deal with a few issues with a particularly difficult (past) client and developed severe anxiety…like the vomiting, feels like your dying, can’t function normally kind. I think a lot of the anxiety was due to a long period of high stress without any breaks so I couldn’t be happier that this holiday came at exactly the right time.

So far we haven’t been doing too much, and it’s flipping amazing. Our first six days were spent sunning ourselves and riding bicycles on Gilli T and then the past five days have been filled with eating at incredible restaurants, walking through forests and browsing in galleries. Tomorrow we head back to the beach for two days and then we’re off to Bangkok for ten days to really explore the city…and shop!

If you have any suggestions for things to do or see in Bangkok please let me know…especially if it involves food.

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