These past few months have been a whirlwind to say the least. Part of what’s been keeping me busy is the awesome Inside Out Campaign by Intel. Being creative is a really weird process for me, I did a post on my strange process a few weeks ago, you can read it here.

Intel Anna-Belle Mulder (1 of 1)It’s been so awesome being a part of this campaign and I’ve loved being part of the entire creative process, if you missed my video click here to check it out. The Intel team and all the agencies and production teams involved were all so incredibly helpful and inspiring. I’m pretty sure I can take a good photograph but when you’re working on a campaign with a tight schedule and long hours it can be a little tough.

I still feel so honoured that Intel afforded me the opportunity to create such beautiful images even though it was really hard! I can’t wait to show you more pictures from the rest of the campaign.

For the campaign I got to use one of the beautiful Acer machines. Like the name says it’s a 2 in 1 product. A laptop and a tablet. Not just a tablet with a keyboard attached to it. I used the machine for a few presentations over the shooting period and I couldn’t get over how easy it was to separate, pass around and present on without having to do the awkward ‘computer turnaround’.

If you’re interested in getting the tools we used in the videos you can check out Incredible Connection here.