A little while ago the awesome team from instaLense surprised me with a gift of two lenses to use for my mobile photography. Things have been a little crazy around She Said town so I haven’t had the chance to use them…well until yesterday.

Instalense South Africa

The lenses are pretty awesome because you can use them with any mobile device, bye bye awkward clips! Basically, the instaLens range is a collection of four portable and easy-to-attach lenses made for any device with an inbuilt camera. All you need to do before you start snapping away is to attach one of the three provided adhesive metal instaRings around the lens of your device’s camera. your chosen instaLens will then attach magnetically to it for instant camera enhancement or alteration. Awesome right?

This weekend I will be shooting with my Fisheye lense and my Super lense so watch my Instagram feed for some really awesome photos.wpid-wp-1415862004480.jpeg

wpid-wp-1415862930896.jpegwpid-wp-1415862623597.jpeg Mobile Photography Instalense