I remember my mom going red in the face when she would ask: “What do you want for dinner?” and we would reply: “Anything”. It might have taken 20 years to understand, but I finally get the frustration and stress that comes with trying to figure out what the flip to cook for dinner every evening. That, coupled with my mission to eat healthy means I’ve had to remove Kung Fu Kitchen from my speed dial and really consider what I’m going to whip up every evening.

Our diet mainly consists of fish and salad these days, which means it’s relatively easy to whip something up but there are still the days where I get home from a long day of shooting or travelling and I’d rather eat a cup of glass than stand in front of the stove and cook. Enter Intsasa Foods!

Intsasa Foods was opened by a friend of mine a few months ago and she asked me to order a few things and try them out but scouts honour I’m not selling you rainbows and unicorns I honestly love their dishes.

Intsasa is pretty straight forward, you go onto their website, pick whatever you want and boom it will get delivered to your door. All the dishes are really affordable in my opinion, much cheaper than heading to a grocery store, ranging from R50 to R35 (I don’t think you can even get a Big Mac for that little)! What might surprise you is the delivery fee so what I suggest you do is order monthly and keep the meals in your freezer instead of doing it weekly and racking up a delivery bill for the same amount as the cost of the food!

I’ve tried a few of their meals so far but the top of my list is the LCHF Beef Pie, which really is saying something seeing as I rarely eat beef. The pie is so so tasty and cuts out the guilty feeling by skipping the thick flakey pastry. Just a warning be careful when you’re popping it out of the packaging as it tends to crumble, the last two I had ended up in pieces but it wasn’t around long enough for me to notice before I shoved it down!

intsasa-foods-pie-2-of-2 intsasa-foods-pie-1-of-2

A favourite of Craig’s is the Gluten-Free Vegetarian Lasagne which takes around 5minutes to heat up and even less to eat. It’s covered in cheese though so if your body hates dairy just watch out!

intsasa-foods-lasagne-1-of-1 intsasa-foods-lasagne-1-of-1-2

Last but not least is the Gluten Free Bread perfect for all you Banters out there. We’ve been eating it for lunch for the past week or so and it fills you up so nicely! Craig really loves white bread so for him to deviate is a big deal!


All in all I really love the ease of getting means from Intsasa but more than that I love how tasty their food is! Check out their website and place your order here.