Matthew Mole, one man band, loves Yo Grapes and Desmond and the Tutus, would be Darth Vader if he could and is not a drummer.

Matthew Mole is easily one of my favourite South African artists, if you haven’t heard of this guy you really need to sit down and take a moment to listen to his music. It’s the flipping best plus he’s the nicest guy.


His music is a mix of electric, indie and folk…foldie… if that’s not a genre it sure should be.  Matthew won the Converse Get Out of the Garage competition last year but had been making waves way before that, inspired by his Dad he started playing and singing, thank you Mr Dad of Matthew, we owe you big time!



He was recently signed by Just Music and his album titled The Home We Built is set to be released in May this year. “Just Music is putting a lot into this album, its super encouraging. It’s sounding really nice, the whole process has been really new, finally getting to do this stuff in a studio,” says Matthew.

You can listen to some of his songs here, my favourites are Have I Told You and It’s Simple Child.

dimple smile b&w

If you want to make your ears smile he’s playing tomorrow night (April 18) at Wolves so drop in and come say hi!



All images courtesy of The Famous Frouws